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The Undefeated Grambling State University Tigers!!!



Congratulations to the players from Grambling State University!

As a team, they refused to board the bus…

A bus they had boarded for (2) 15 hour trips already this football season and were forced to play games on little or no rest.

A bus they have had to board after working out in a weight room that has a broken tile floor and a stench from needing to be deep cleaned.

Congratulations on them coming together as a team and selecting a team spokesperson who they allow to speak to the media on behalf of the team.

Congratulations to the Tigers for reaching out to Ex-NFL, Superbowl Great, Doug Williams(their coach until fired after week 2 of this season for violating university policy by allowing someone to buy the team a NEW weight room floor) (which the schools administration has locked away in a closet)

This became a total mess and tug-o-war between the administration and football coaches….

You know just like the President and GOP.

And don’t get it twisted…

The game they forfeited was going to be Homecoming at Jackson State.

And those of you who know about HBCU homecomings know it could cause an alumni frenzy…or a weeklong tailgate!!

I mean…Most go back to see the band and not the team…Hmmm So I wonder how that whole thing went down??!!!

Well,  I am a product of an HBCU (Fayetteville State University) and Div. I football (Go Pirates…ECU) and have been a part of the politics of college football.

So to those of you who don’t understand….I say Congrats to the Grambling State Tigers and I believe that though they have no wins this year on the field…