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Year 2012 In Review: Life After…The Microwave

Year 2012 In Review: Life After…The Microwave


I wish that I could say that we ditched our microwave because we knew how unhealthy the dangerous the radiation was, sounds good, but that’s not the truth. I real story was that we were participating in a 21 Day liquid fast with our church, the Soul Factory, in January of this year. During that time, the microwave stopped working. It didn’t seem extremely significant at the time, since we weren’t using it, even though we were still preparing meals for the G-Unit. Once we completed the fast, it was time to make a decision.

Our microwave was the built-in type, if it wasn’t, I’m sure we would have just made a quick trip to the local Target to replace it. We really thought about whether or not we wanted to keep using something that we knew wasn’t totally safe; especially as it relates to food.

We decided to get a toaster/convection oven. I can honestly say that we haven’t missed a beat. Instead of microwave popcorn (also not the best option) we cook popcorn on the stove, we warm up leftovers, make toast, and do almost everything we did using the microwave in the toaster oven. The food seems to stay hot longer, and although it’s not as fast, I haven’t noticed any significant more time preparing our meals.

G2 (9 years old) made this comment today, “I’m kinda sad that we don’t have a microwave, but I’m glad we’re healthy”. This made me smile.

Do you use a toaster oven instead of microwave? I would love to hear about your experience.

ODB (not to be confused with the Wu-Tang member, RIP)


Crossing over to ELITE FITNESS!!


Those of you who follow my wife and I via the Big 2 social media outlets know that she is a HUGE workout guru (Twitter: @fit40four) and I (Twitter: @iamoffdachain), on the other hand, am still hanging on to the fact that I ran track and played football on the collegiate level as a means to demonstrate my CURRENT fitness level.  I also will throw in how I was a spin instructor, even though I have not taught a class in 3-4 years…or so (5).

I mean I am moving….every now and then but not as much as she is and my challenge is finding just the thing to GET & KEEP me coming back and eventually achieve my weight loss, muscle building, body fat reducing, goals.

You guys know I like to put myself out there so you are able to look in the mirror, because none of us will make it to fitness heaven on the backs of our spouses.

Now, I am not as lazy as some because I did run a marathon last month(26.2) and have at least done the first week or two of P90X and Insanity.  I know many of you can identify with the 2nd half of the last sentence.

The question is what does the workout have to look like in order for us to FINISH THE DRILL?

I believe it needs to combine an individual workout with a team component that will help you exceed all your fitness goals and present you with daily challenges which will bring about IMMEDIATE RESULTS.  It is not found in a regular gym where the knowledge of the fitness professional is suspect and everyone is fighting over parking spaces during the time when that ONE instructor is not on vacation.  The workout has to be one that is going to take me to a level where I am  on a more ELITE LEVEL of fitness than my wife and takes all my excuses for working out away because it can be done on my lunch break.  It takes us all the way to the edge in sometimes only 20 minutes. The environment discusses ALL the challenges with my eating and presents me with educated options to consider like The Paleo Diet, which is actually a eating regimen.  The educated coaches are instructing me on what to fuel my body with before and after my workout to reach my maximum potential and they actually are doing what they are telling me to do and LOOK LIKE IT!

The workout is CROSSFIT  and the location is CrossfitICONZ!

My wife and I have completed our MUST HAVE Foundational Classes and I actually did all classes with her…UGH! (Not really trying to work out with her…Not trying to work THAT hard, but maybe I will finish as the champion.)

We will blog our journey to ELITE FITNESS with CrossfitICONZ and allow you to see how the WOD (Workout of the Day) changes DAILY to keep things fresh and exciting on our path.

Wish US luck!!


Open Letter to Couples Shacking Up: She/He is not going to marry you!


This is an open letter/special report in response to the  alarming statistics that 68% of AA children are born into Single Parent households. This is an alarming number that becomes crippling when we add that 54% of these children will not graduate from high school.  I had the hardest time trying to swallow these number when they were announced some time ago because my wonderful mom was a Single/Divorced Parent for many years and she has a 100% college graduation rate in her home with two children.


She graduated from college! She went back to school and worked at the same time and her children were able to see her do this while not getting much sleep and leaning on her family and friends for support. She realized early in life that your children are going to model your behavior. She had to go through a season in her life where her children and family were most important.

So today I have come to present an Open Letter…and a very short one at that…maybe the shortest in Open Letter History. (if anyone is tracking let me know, because my wife—NOT ME—is a stickler for the rules)

If you are shacking up…defined-1. as living with each other and not being married, 2. place where you have a side of the closet and you are not paying rent 3. the house where you are answering the phone but not getting mail 4. a place where you can park your car so it will not get repossessed and it is actually NOT inconvenient

The person you are shacking with….IS NOT GOING TO MARRY YOU!


People marry those they respect and they would not be shacking with you and playing family and having their children play family if they respected you.

And don’t think because you happen to be shacking and don’t have children that you are exempt.  You have less baggage and the person you are shacking with respects you even less than the person with the children.  They have NO EXCUSE why you are not married.

It has nothing to do with the economy!

Do you think he/she would be screaming that if the woman were Halle Berry (I know she wouldn’t because she likes getting married) or Idris for the ladies?

NOPE!  They would run to the justice of the peace and get that paper and work everything else out later.

I am just saying that this shacking mess is hurting our children and community. These numbers are not correct.  These children are actually being born to households with two adults but one is taking responsibility for the children.

The other one is just being “THE MILK MAN.” (If that went over your head, simple call your Grandfather and he will clear it up for you)

I am tired of the breakdown of the family happening right before our eyes and no one speaking out about it.

So I will.

So today I challenge you to prove your children are most important.

I challenge you to prove it with your actions.

I challenge you to make your home a family environment where your children can feel loved and feel you are being loved.  An environment where they can get the best attention and education, graduate from high school, start a business or pursue a higher education.

So for those of you who love reality shows:



“March Madness Blogging Series”

Do we take the Easy or Hard road?


Happy 1 year anniversary: ReMix and it is still relevant!

I just received an amazing article from a friend…am I wrong if I say she is white?  Well I have spoken to her and she is okay with me saying it…so you just get over it.  We actually were sharing with each other about raising children and I said something that sparked her memory and she promised she would send me a copy of the article…AND SHE DID! (I told you she was white)…Some of you guys need to learn to laugh a little and get over yourself.  I am not a racist!  Quick…Who do I sound like?

There I go again…off the subject.

Well back to the lecture at hand.  So the article is awesome.  If I did not think she would read this I would just retype it and take credit for it…Naw because I have to add my 2 cents.  But the question at hand…….Why is life so tough?

The answer is…….

It’s not! For most of us, it is very simple…EASY EVEN.  Because we take the easy way out.  Here are a few examples:

Spending is easy, Saving is hard.

Cheating is easy, Faithful is hard.

Public school is easy, Homeschooling is hard.

Sex is easy, Love is hard.

Going along is easy, Walking alone is hard.

Epidural is easy, Natural is hard.

Formula is easy, Nursing is hard.

Reaction is easy, Action is hard.

Pizza is easy, Salad is hard.

Sleeping in is easy, Early workouts are hard.

Watching TV is easy, Reading is hard.

Talking about God is easy, Praying to and following God is hard.

Getting married is easy, Staying married is hard.

So why is all this true?

Because nothing in life that is worthwhile comes without effort.

Thanks for stopping by…

See you tomorrow.


“March Madness Blogging Series”

Blogging for March Madness!!!


I just decided that I have soooo much to write about that I am going to join the March Madness festivities by writing a blog post everyday until the end of the month.  Topics to follow:

1. Changing my last name

2. Wives asking husbands to help around house when their wives work FT out of the home

3. To spank or not to spank

4. I hate my job!

5. My chase to join the Social Media Movement

6. Hard Conversations with Family

7. The Grocery Shopping battle in my home

8. I never want to tell my kids, “No”

9. How to spice up your sex life when you have been having sex for ___ years.(I can’t put the number because my father-in-law reads our blog)

10. Marathon training when you are over 40

11. My kids make their own healthy juices

12. Is Divorce easier sometimes?

13.  Why do Black Men not get it?

14. My thoughts on Rush Limbaugh

15. My thoughts on The View

16. Why Syracuse should fire their Basketball coach over the drug scandal and just start over

17. The Struggles of Single People vs. The Struggles of Married People and how we can help each other

18. Should women expect men to be faithful in marriage?

And more…

Let’s Go!!!


My wife saved my life…what has your marriage saved you from?


If you were to ask anyone who knew me back when…they would have told you my wife was crazy for even being in the same room with me.  Some would say the same is true today…just not as much.  But I will tell anyone who will listen.  My wife has saved my life.  We recently completed a 21 day juice fast and it was the first fast that we have been able to complete together.  My wife was always nursing or pregnant or pregnant or nursing.  And she would have been that way this time but God had another plan. So she was able to join me.

Well during our fast I have had an opportunity to reflect on several aspects of my life during a three week period of not eating and have come to the conclusion that my wife saved my life.

She has demonstrated to me why I was drawn to her initially.  It was her discipline!! After I saw how sexy she was, I was drawn to her discipline.  I mean…What? I speak the truth.

The truth is she was a woman who worked out 6 days a week before we got married and has for our entire marriage.   She has done this through pregnancy after pregnancy.  I admire her and I have sat by her side and watched her nurse an infant child while training for a half-marathon.  She actually ran her first one a year ago this month and is currently training for a repeat performance at the end of this month.

The good part is I have decided to join her this time. Not in the Disney Princess, but in running. She has motivated me to begin training for a half-marathon.  The funny thing is she did not do this by her words BUT HER ACTIONS.  My wife has not once told me to run a marathon and has allowed me to see her as a champion through her desire to be the best and to continue to challenge herself.

So the thought hit me and then the doubt/fear creeped into my mind because just 6 months ago I torn my achilles and had to have it surgically repaired.  But I decided to run with my wife during her long run one Saturday.

I ran 5 miles, which turn into 6, and then 18 miles in a week.  I then decided to begin my training for my own half-marathon, but did not have a actual race planned.  It forced me to challenge myself and then…

I have chosen to celebrate my 43rd birthday by running a full marathon in San Diego on June 3rd!!  I love the clarity the fast has given me and I also love the women I have married for motivating me and saving my life.

Some men take the easy way out and marry someone who will not challenge them to go to the next level.  Not me.

My wife is a champion and we are raising champion children.  I will journal my marathon calendar through the blog so you can follow me.  It will be challenging and fun all at the same time.  Just like marriage…Well at least mine anyways.

Because I have allowed my wife to save my life…what has your marriage saved you from?


My wife forgave me….would you have?


It has taken a while for me to get to the point of sharing this story.  I had written it over and over in my head before it ever hit the paper and then I updated it several times before I threw everything away and just decided to expose my heart.

I will always love my wife and her response to me on a day that I will always remember…BUT WOULD LOVE TO FORGET.

On one of those hot ATL days I was extremely tired on my way home from work and called my wife as I often do in an effort to make her life easier.  Sometimes I am sure it is my life that I make easier with this, ‘I am almost home call’, that allows me to stop off at the grocery store before I get home and she sends me back out.

On this day I was told the girls were really needing to get out of the house.  I mean they are homeschooled and my wife does not do outdoors….unless she is running 13.1 miles. (and she does that alone and it never takes her long)

So I told my youngest three I would take them to the park for the 1.5 hours before we needed to be at the dance studio to pick up my oldest.  So I arrived home and picked up my 7 yo, 5yo and 11 month old.  While we were off to the park, which would cause me to be outside in the heat playing, I came up with a genius thought.  Why don’t I call our friends in the next neighborhood over and stop by to visit their 3 girls and let the girls scream, tear up their house and I can get some A/C at the same time.  This will prevent my tired body from having to take more of this ATL heat.

“I love the thought.”

I called and they were home! “Yes!”

The truck could not come to a stop soon enough before my 7yo & 5yo were yelling and screaming and hugging their friends.  I could hear them all the way from around the corner.

I was just happy to get out of the heat and feel some A/C, which was a much better deal than the park.

After a wonderful 45 minute visit we got up to go pick up my oldest and our neighbor asked, “Where is the baby?”

My eyes bulged out of my head and I took off running for the truck.

I ran to the truck and was frozen right before I got to where I could see her.

I made it to her window, which was cracked, and could see her face.

I had never seen eyes like that before…

They told me.  “You forgot about me!” “I actually thought you were never coming back!” “WHY did you do this to me?”

I grabbed her and immediately looked at the temperature gauge in the truck and it read 87 degrees. I then remembered that for the first time in my life I started cracking the windows.  This was something I had only started a few days before and was glad I had.  Every window was cracked but I was praising God because she had soiled her diaper and had cried to the point where her tears had dried.  I felt horrible.  I just handed her to our friend and sat in the passenger seat of the truck and cried.  I really felt like I made it to her JUST IN TIME.

I could not sit for long and think about it because I needed to pick up the big girl from dance so after giving the baby some time inside we were all on the way.  The 7yo and 5yo always go inside the dance studio to pick up their BIG SISTER, but today I said, “Please do not go inside.”  I could not deal with everyone running out to discuss it after they told on me.  So we waited for BIG GIRL to come out and headed home.

When I arrived home all I could do was hand her to my wife and hug my wife in tears.  I was surprised she even wanted to touch me, but she did and it was the longest cry of my life.  I left home with all my daughters and almost, due to my carelessness, came home without one.  I am the person who always thought that anyone who could forget their child was JUST PLAIN CRAZY, but now I had done the unthinkable.

I will not share our exact conversation but just know that My wife forgave me…would you have?