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I’m Black…A registered Democrat…and I’m Undecided






With President Barack Obama set to take the stage at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in the capital of my home state, Charlotte, North Carolina, I have a confession to make.  Well, I actually have two.  1. I never liked or thought Raleigh should be the capital and  2. I am undecided about who to vote for in the Presidential Election.

My challenge is that I have a favorite phrase, “What are you basing that on?”

And if I am going to live by this I need to be able to tell people the answer to my own ‘tag line’.

An answer which I am not sure about myself…

Why am I not sure?  Because, unlike several others I have spoken to, I actually am researching the platforms of the candidates.  So before you get all up in arms and call me a sellout make sure you know the platforms of each for yourself.

I keep thinking about the teachings in the Singles Ministry at church.  Where they teach the Singles to make a list of their deal breakers before they meet someone  that is cute and get all caught up.  Someone that qualifies as having a deal breaker quality.

So my question is am I supposed to vote for a person who is Democrat just because he is Democrat?

I know. I know.  The Republicans vote for Republicans JUST because they are Republicans!

Or am I supposed to vote for a person because he is Black and he can make history again?

I know. I know.  White people vote for white people…JUST BECAUSE.

Should I vote for the guy who has been treated like THE N-WORD by the millions since taking office for redemption for Trayvon Martin and those that came before him?

Or should I vote for the person who has the beliefs that most closely resembles the mission & vision of my family?

Thus I am  Black, registered Democrat and undecided.  I also struggled with not voting at all, but don’t worry. I will vote.  Too many died for my right to do that and I will not let those that came before me down.

Can’t wait to hear the speech because I do know one thing.  There was already one Obama that has already given a speech worth earning votes and I will keep the rest of my thoughts about her arms to myself.



Open Letter to Couples Shacking Up: She/He is not going to marry you!


This is an open letter/special report in response to the  alarming statistics that 68% of AA children are born into Single Parent households. This is an alarming number that becomes crippling when we add that 54% of these children will not graduate from high school.  I had the hardest time trying to swallow these number when they were announced some time ago because my wonderful mom was a Single/Divorced Parent for many years and she has a 100% college graduation rate in her home with two children.


She graduated from college! She went back to school and worked at the same time and her children were able to see her do this while not getting much sleep and leaning on her family and friends for support. She realized early in life that your children are going to model your behavior. She had to go through a season in her life where her children and family were most important.

So today I have come to present an Open Letter…and a very short one at that…maybe the shortest in Open Letter History. (if anyone is tracking let me know, because my wife—NOT ME—is a stickler for the rules)

If you are shacking up…defined-1. as living with each other and not being married, 2. place where you have a side of the closet and you are not paying rent 3. the house where you are answering the phone but not getting mail 4. a place where you can park your car so it will not get repossessed and it is actually NOT inconvenient

The person you are shacking with….IS NOT GOING TO MARRY YOU!


People marry those they respect and they would not be shacking with you and playing family and having their children play family if they respected you.

And don’t think because you happen to be shacking and don’t have children that you are exempt.  You have less baggage and the person you are shacking with respects you even less than the person with the children.  They have NO EXCUSE why you are not married.

It has nothing to do with the economy!

Do you think he/she would be screaming that if the woman were Halle Berry (I know she wouldn’t because she likes getting married) or Idris for the ladies?

NOPE!  They would run to the justice of the peace and get that paper and work everything else out later.

I am just saying that this shacking mess is hurting our children and community. These numbers are not correct.  These children are actually being born to households with two adults but one is taking responsibility for the children.

The other one is just being “THE MILK MAN.” (If that went over your head, simple call your Grandfather and he will clear it up for you)

I am tired of the breakdown of the family happening right before our eyes and no one speaking out about it.

So I will.

So today I challenge you to prove your children are most important.

I challenge you to prove it with your actions.

I challenge you to make your home a family environment where your children can feel loved and feel you are being loved.  An environment where they can get the best attention and education, graduate from high school, start a business or pursue a higher education.

So for those of you who love reality shows:



“March Madness Blogging Series”

Do we take the Easy or Hard road?


Happy 1 year anniversary: ReMix and it is still relevant!

I just received an amazing article from a friend…am I wrong if I say she is white?  Well I have spoken to her and she is okay with me saying it…so you just get over it.  We actually were sharing with each other about raising children and I said something that sparked her memory and she promised she would send me a copy of the article…AND SHE DID! (I told you she was white)…Some of you guys need to learn to laugh a little and get over yourself.  I am not a racist!  Quick…Who do I sound like?

There I go again…off the subject.

Well back to the lecture at hand.  So the article is awesome.  If I did not think she would read this I would just retype it and take credit for it…Naw because I have to add my 2 cents.  But the question at hand…….Why is life so tough?

The answer is…….

It’s not! For most of us, it is very simple…EASY EVEN.  Because we take the easy way out.  Here are a few examples:

Spending is easy, Saving is hard.

Cheating is easy, Faithful is hard.

Public school is easy, Homeschooling is hard.

Sex is easy, Love is hard.

Going along is easy, Walking alone is hard.

Epidural is easy, Natural is hard.

Formula is easy, Nursing is hard.

Reaction is easy, Action is hard.

Pizza is easy, Salad is hard.

Sleeping in is easy, Early workouts are hard.

Watching TV is easy, Reading is hard.

Talking about God is easy, Praying to and following God is hard.

Getting married is easy, Staying married is hard.

So why is all this true?

Because nothing in life that is worthwhile comes without effort.

Thanks for stopping by…

See you tomorrow.


“March Madness Blogging Series”

Welcome to 2012!!!


Hello Family!!

We are working on our new schedule and format for the new year.  Our goal is to begin posting this week and give you 3-5 new post each week!! Be on the lookout for more on marriage, family, parenting, love, dating, education, breastfeeding, healthing eating, fitness, running half=marathons, lifting weights, confronting crazy family members and more!!


P.S. We will also post schedule times weekly where we will be live on here ,Facebook and Twitter to discuss any direct questions you have for us both.  2012 is the year of new and higher direction. 

Feel free to send any question or subjects you would like discussed and HOLD ON!!

ESPN deserves to be FIRED just like Joe Paterno!!! #boycottESPN


We have all heard by now of the challenges with Penn State and the firing of Joe  Paterno.  Some of us agree that the firing was a JUST and NECESSARY move by the trustees of the university.  I personally agree that he should have gone to the police with the information that was brought to him and not doing so should have cost him his job…AT THE LEAST.

Today there is a new case, in addition to the Penn State case, that is being discussed in the media.  The case involves Assistant Coach Bernie Fine, who has spent 35 years on the staff of  Syracuse Head Coach, Jim Boeheim. Syracuse has chosen to FIRE the assistant coach amid him being charged with child molestation while allowing the head coach to keep his job…for now.

Well that is not the issue for which I have come…

The issue is the entire world should #boycottESPN and all things affiliated with ESPN!

Why should this happen?

We all agree that Joe Paterno should have been fired for the sexual abuse of young boys by a THEN member of his assistant coaching staff.  We all believe he should have reported  his knowledge of assistant coach Jerry Sandusky’s abusing boys in a shower…as reported by the graduate assistant. And with that being said, we should agree that an organization allowing the continued molestation or sexual abuse of young boys acting as ball boys with the Syracuse basketball program should have taken the same actions expected of Joe Paterno.

The organization at fault is our beloved ESPN!

Here is the issue and why #boycottESPN should be trending on Twitter.

In 2003, Bobby Davis placed a call to Mark Schwarz of ESPN and was able to provide him a copy of the phone conversation that was just released to the media within the last 24 hours. The tape of a conversation between Bobby Davis and what he stated was Laurie Fine, the wife of Coach Fine. ESPN stated they could not prove the female voice in the conversation was indeed Laurie Fine.  ESPN  also stated they declined to run the story because of an inability to get the step brother of Bobby Davis, Mark Lang, to say he was also touched inappropriately by Coach Fine.  They also were given four other names by Bobby Davis and could not get any of the other four gentlemen to say they were violated or confirm they had knowledge of any wrongdoings by the assistant coach.

At that point ESPN decided the story did not fit their GUIDELINES for running it on their show, “Behind the Lines.”

At that point ESPN failed EVERY CHILD  to come in contact with Syracuse Assistant Coach Bernie Fine  from that date in 2003 forward…..the identical failure which got Joe Paterno fired.

Did the executives at ESPN not believe our youth were worth reporting these horrific crimes to police and allowing the police to sort through the details?

Are ratings the only concern of our beloved ESPN?

Did ESPN only see this information as a “POSSIBLE STORY”?

How many employees of ESPN were presented the possibilities of CRIMINAL OFFENSES and just opted to say…not a STORY we would like to run?

How many of the ESPN staff should be FIRED?

Where did I get this information?

From the mouth of Mark Schwarz  who also explained on CNN why they never shared the audio tape with the authorities. “Journalists are not necessarily required or expected to hand over evidence that they did not obtain or create themselves to the police,” he told Anderson Cooper.

And with this information the entire world must step up and make a statement to the media and in particular ESPN by beginning a #boycottESPN movement.

If we don’t step up…

We too are part of the problem. Sportscenter is NOT more important than our youth.

What do your actions say?


Top 5 Moves by Christians to prove they love Santa better than Jesus…


As we move into the Christmas season…..

Which started a week before Christmas when I was growing up but now it starts the day after Halloween.  Funny how there are several of us who say we are Christian but our actions demonstrate we just may like Mr. S.C. more than Mr. J.C.

Let’s get right to the countdown…

#5 If you speed to the store, fight someone over a parking space only to purchase the last newspaper(which is torn) in order to read the BLACK FRIDAY ads from cover to cover(while using a notepad for line by line research), but you do not attack the Bible w/ the same energy…or at all….You may love Santa better than Jesus.

#4 If you are the first person to the BLACK FRIDAY line(even if that means arriving a day early) but you are the last person to church….You may love Santa better than Jesus.

#3 If you are an employee of a retail chain that normally is closed on Thanksgiving(but opening this year) or that usually opens at a normal hour on BLACK FRIDAY and you are now publicly speaking out on the news about your dissatisfaction with the schedule…but you have worked every Sunday for the last 7 years and have had no issues missing fellowshipping with the saints…You may love Santa better than Jesus.

#2 If you are the person who can tell everyone in the neighborhood where the best deals for BLACK FRIDAY exist for the best bargains and gifts but don’t tithe and give the gifts of your time, talent, or treasure to your church community…You may love Santa better than Jesus.

#1 If you have a Christmas list of 20 people to buy gifts for and only 1 person on your prayer list…AND THAT PERSON IS YOU…and your only prayer says, “Thank you for this food I am about to receive”…You may love Santa better than Jesus.

Merry Christmas,


The ONLY Solution for Penn State!!


“Our first priority is protecting our children” was the statement made by President Barack Obama when asked about the sexual scandal involving coaches and administrators from Division I football powerhouse, Penn State. I also believe that is a true statement.

So the question is WHAT IS THE SOLUTION?

The solution is simple and coming in the same season as the  scandal concerning the University of Miami football program, which many felt was the worst thing to ever hit college football, VERY SIMPLE.

Being an athlete who participated in a football program, which allowed me to receive a college degree, I can appreciate receiving an education via your athletic ability.  Where I am lost is where the Penn State athletic/university program allows sexual misconduct(I am being easy on them) to exist AND CONTINUE FOR 15 YEARS!!!

I can not imagine sending my child to participate in a college program that allows coaches to take advantage of children sexually and then have students rioting in support of the coaching staff.

In listening to Tom Bradley, the assistant coach replacing Joe Paterno, and his words of support for the 47 year leader of this failed program I was even more disappointed but secure in presenting the ONLY solution for Penn State.

Because “Our first priority is protecting our children”…

Because there were a confirmed 8 children sexually abused OVER A 15 YEAR PERIOD…

Because football is NOT bigger than education…

Because our children are watching this decision and we will show them what/who we value…

The Penn State program must receive the DEATH PENALTY!!


p.s. Or don’t say you agree with the statement “Our first priority is protecting our children” and don’t be surprised when it happens again.