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The Biggest UNTOLD Story in our ‘Viral’ Skype Family Videos







On November 11, 2013 three (3) videos of my family, The Covins, were released for the entire world  and allows everyone all over the planet the ability to have a look into our private lives.

The videos, which can be viewed on Skype TV or YouTube as part of the “Moving Forward” campaign, introduce you to my homeschooling family who has a beautiful, yoga pant wearing wife, helping the entire community mommy, 4 young aspiring actresses, beautiful, doing each others’ hair daughters, who are all led by a social media husband, but turn the cable TV off dad.

The taping took 5 days and the actual footage that was used was a total of 7 minutes long. So of course the videos don’t have time to allow you into all areas of our lives, because the purpose was to show you a very important aspect of our lives during a 5-6 month timeframe that my family was living apart and how Skype helped us to navigate that process.

The distance between my family and myself was over 500 miles.

Sounds crazy and WAS!!

It was the hardest time of my life and yes SKYPE made it totally doable. I am really grateful to SKYPE and the creators for being available, at this time in our lives.

I almost want to cry thinking of the nights that I experienced anxiety attacks for the first time in my life. I felt like I was having a heart attack, but found it was due to the separation.

And God worked it out through a mentor of mine named James Andrews.

James is the Digital Evangelist and Partner at StudioGood and called me to tell me about the Skype casting for a family in transition and I thank him for making that call and Joyce from my church for calling to tell me while I was on a Skype call with Dan Bell Casting already. (That is how you know it was really your family they were looking for or God really stepped in and said it was time)

But the Biggest UNTOLD Story is where and how I was able to live during this time of separation.

When I really think about it, I was homeless.

But God showed me favor in the form of a family that allowed me to stay in the basement of their nice town home in Woodbridge, Virginia.  THIS is the AMAZING part of the story.  The family was not unfamiliar to me but were not blood relatives or anything.  The family consisted of a husband, wife and 2 children (boy and girl both under the age of 10).

The husband and I were roommates before I was married and God spoke to him and his wonderful wife about them allowing a man to invade their privacy for 5-6 months and be around their children.


During this time where we needed community to step up, to experience it actually happening is mind-blowing.

I was able to give them the ability to have a regularly scheduled “Thursday Date Night” where the wife was able to discover the husband had a passion for playing pool that she had never known about.

During this time, I also had an amazing weekend where the couple was able to travel out of town, without the children, and I was able to run the children around to activities like bowling and swimming.  This weekend running totally reminded me of time with my girls.

The question I have is….


Who actually trusts God enough to follow His word and do something for ‘the least of these’ in these times of…


I am so grateful.

There are 3 videos and the first one currently has just under 600k views in only 4 days and don’t worry I’m not famous because 400k of those views came from me.

And I cry then entire time.

I cry because I know the UNTOLD story. I know that if that family doesn’t bless mine by allowing me a place to stay and the ability to use a 3rd car….



Thank you to the wife for being flexible!

Thank you to their son for talking to me when you didn’t always want to because you are not a talker and I am and sometimes I just need some boy energy! (And thanks for finally getting me to Saturday morning Flag Football)

Thanks to their hug-a-thon sweety, daughter for hugging me so tight that with Skype I thought I was at home hugging my own daughters.  (I have not forgotten you.  Once we get our truck situation straight you will be my 5th daughter)

And thanks to God for speaking to the husband and asking his family to be open to helping mine.

We are forever grateful, because without your family, mine doesn’t grow and elevate during this time.

We LOVE you guys and are forever grateful.


p.s. Let us know when you want a ‘Thursday Date Night’ or a weekend off…WE GOT YOU!


“Do The Math!”




Tonight our family improved forever and my position as homeschooling principal has just been expanded to……………………………………………………………………………… Math Teacher.

Not quite the promotion I was looking for…

But I will take it.

(even if it does carry the same pay as my previous position…..NOTHING FINANCIAL)

But the reward will come….RIGHT!

So one of my daughters is having some difficulty with self-control.  She thinks her issue is math but it is actually self-control.  And I have come to the realization that where I can help out is in the Math department.

So I have taken all math responsibilities in the house. ODC is now officially the head of the math empire and proud of it.

Until I got the tears from two of them tonight while at the table, I was good.

Oh don’t worry, I can ignore handle it.

So here is the deal.  I am copying the Math Workbook and am going to do each lesson daily just like I’m requiring of them.

The only difference is I will be doing my lessons during my breaks at work.

What breaks?

The ANSWER: The ones I am going to make a priority from now on.  They will be used to complete the same worksheets i give to my oldest daughters so she can call me on my lunch break with any question that she has pertaining to math and allow my wife to get back to mastering the other stuff that was being held up by daily Math crying fits/breaks.

It will pay off.

And at the end of the day……

My wife will say I’m a sexy Math Teacher! (Even if I’m not….She will say it anyway)

The Question is what can you make time for during the day that will give you a closer relationship with your family? Is it worth it?

Thanks for stopping by,


Dear Wife, Just in case you thought I forgot…



With Mother’s Day just passing the thought came over me, I wonder if OTB really knows how much she means to me as a wife. I am sure if just based off my actions…she doesn’t. So I have decided to recommit myself to showing her. The smartphone is a wonderful tool and it has the ability to schedule recurring reminders that tell me to send my wife a creative note that will make her smile or just feel appreciated.

Maybe one day I will send one at JUST THE RIGHT TIME…

To save one of my daughters from get THAT LOOK! Or turn her day around…Just When She Needs It!

Great…That is what I will do. I will make the effort to find creative ways to express to my wife 3-5 times a day how much she means to me and our family. That there is no way possible this ship would float without her steering it away from the rocks when I am not paying attention.

As a husband I really need my wife and I believe that she needs to hear how sometimes her greatness is taken for granted…

It only happens because you have been great for so long. We only met the summer before high school…I’m Sayin!

So this is a small note to say that just in case you thought I forgot….

I didn’t.

I didn’t forget all those times when you held me up via a long distance phone call…(without touching me)

I didn’t forget how all those times I was having a rough day all I needed to do was hear your voice.

I didn’t forget how you supported me when no one else did…not even my family.

Because you knew and you trusted Him to keep His word.

And He did and you did and your obedience will be forever rewarded.

So thanks and I love you! And I will continue to tell you all day, every day.

Just in case you thought I forgot.


“Launching first book in 2013!”


Attractive Woman with Her Books











In case you were wondering….

I have not been silenced by the Powers that Be, but I have actually been preparing for a HUGE 2013!  A year that will start with the launch of my first book.  I have met with my writing coach, who you can follow on Twitter at @karenbowlding, and she has given me the green light to as she put it…”Get off my BuTT.”

I kinda hang with people who will keep it real for me.  It’s the only way you are going to get my attention.  So she has gotten it and the writing is coming right along.  I will begin to have time for blogging again so you guys will be seeing post from both my wife and I.  (I did not get that last sentence approved before typing it, but I hope she gets the HINT)

So as it is scheduled currently the release date will be March 2013 and trust me…..IT WILL BE ON!

Thanks for your support,




Bragging on my Boo…THE SERIES: “This is why I came!”


Congratulations to ODB for completely smashing her first sprint triathlon!!

If she allows me, I will post the video of her crossing the finish line on my Facebook page.   People don’t normally cross the finish line looking that good and happy after a triathlon.

But how would I know?…I guess it sounded good.

I just wanted to share that my wife dealt with lots of fear and anxiety about not only still learning how to swim over the last 3-4 months but having to accomplish this portion of her triathlon in 17 feet of water.


So during the Ramblin Rose Sprint triathlon there was a bridge in the middle of the pool and all the athletes were required to walk across the entire pool to arrive at their starting point.  This gave my wife a chance to see 17 feet from above for way to long of a time.  The part that is worth bragging about is she found that one side of the pool was much better than expected and only 6 ft, while the other side was the dreaded 17 feet!!!! The great part is they gave each athlete the option of which depth they would rather complete their swim.

My wife responded, “17 Feet! This is why I came!”  “I need to face it.”

Anyone who participated in these events were winners but it’s the stories behind the scenes that really get you motivated and just pull tears from your eyes.

My wife inspires me to accept all challenges regardless of how deep the waters look…….. and to be great this is what must happen.

And  I realize…….THIS IS WHY I CAME!

Thanks Boo!


“Bragging on my Boo” THE LAUNCH




My Stay-at-home wife, that never stays home… I am still seeking to coin a name for this type of woman that I have…has inspired me to create a series on our blog titled, “Bragging on my Boo.” This series will give me an opportunity to give the words of affirmation(See for more understanding) that she has been deserving for sometime.  And the need for a series is evident.  She is constantly finding her next, THING…most of the time while still fighting to win her last BIG CHALLENGE!

I am not really sure my wife understands how excited I am to be married to such a wonderful, WONDER WOMAN. (That is what a nurse that watched her give birth with NO MEDICATION called her, which is amazing considering this nurse had been watching the birthing process for over 15 years).

Today she is going to depart for Charlotte, North Carolina…well really, it is actually Huntersville, but who is keeping track of that.  You already know I am a big Charlotte fan and have renamed it the capital of the state.  (Just waiting on legislation to pass it now)

She is headed to tackle her NEXT BIG THING!  A sprint Triathlon that starts with a 250 yard swim, moves to the 9 mile bike ride (on my 11 year old’s bike) and finishes with a 2 mile run.

The amazing part to this event’s story is not even that we can not currently bite off the price of a new road bike, with the super skinny tires, and she is having to use my daughter’s childrens/mountain bike, with the super NON-SKINNY tires, from Toys R Us, but the fact that she is over 40 (Twitter handle: @fit40four ) and when doing a Triathlon started coming out of her mouth…………………..


Of course now this makes me laugh and brings to mind the chapter titled, “Can you swim?” in the book How to be Black by (Twitter handle: @baratunde )

My wonderful wife, who like many in the AA community, attended pool parties in college, but did not get in the pool (unless you were thrown in by the football players). I don’t even think she wore a swimsuit to those parties.

She took her first swimming lesson only 6 years ago at the age of 36.  Did I just tell my wife’s age on an internet forum that will last forever and always tell her age?  Well, she has the password and can edit this part if she wishes.

I don’t believe in this class she learned too much but I give her credit for becoming part of the ELITE AA community.  Now once she decided to step up her game and do this triathlon thingy, she had to get on the internet and find the best of the best in swimming.  I am hearing splashing in the bed and wondering “What now?”.  She is up all night watching videos on Total Immersion. Now she is going from not knowing how to swim to learning how to swim like a fish.  She even had a Total Immersion swim coach come to our community pool and give her a private lesson, while I videotaped on her iPhone.  Yes the one that we recovered in the other blog post.  Yeah Baby!!!


So now all I hear all night is bodies slicing through water and she has me watching the videos and learning how to swim using this technique and considering a triathlon.  Well, first we are doing the ING Miami Marathon 2013 in Jan.  I tell you what.  If you are single and want to know how to select a wife that has discipline and will be a wonderful wife and mother, you may want to check out her work ethic.  I did not say you have to get her a job to do this.

But if she gets up at 4:30am 6 days a week for years and is always willing to challenge herself and needs no one else to motivate her and is a leader and moves from a 5k to a 10k to a half-marathon to a sprint-TRI to a marathon to…….

Geesh! I just heard her on the phone talking IRON GIRL.

Thank God I wont have to do that one….

I need a break.

Thanks for stopping,


How tanning can get you thrown in jail for stealing an iPhone (The Finale)

How tanning can get you thrown in jail for stealing an iPhone (The Finale)

The funny part about Mr. Smarty Pants Police is how quickly he realized he was not dealing with a ‘Status Quo’ BOY who was going to allow him to act any kind of disrespectful way but I also was not going to play the ‘who can raise their voice the loudest game.’

He immediately walked over to his damsel in distress and asked her to tell her side of what happened.  And would you believe he actually turned his little puppy dog head to the side and listened to her entire story…..WITHOUT INTERRUPTION.

After approximately 20 minutes, his superior arrived on the scene and asked him to point towards the person who called to speak.  I also noticed the superior did not speak to him for a prep talk either.  He walked over and introduced himself and I told him who I was and he asked, “How can I assist?”

I asked him if he had a problem shaking hands with me and he said that he did not but he prefers not to take any germs home to his children.  He said it in a nice way and extended his hand saying, “If it is necessary I have no issues.”  I told him that I appreciated his response and his eyes told a completely different story from that of the officer.  He allowed me to explain my issues without interruption.

The conversation was great and went on for over an hour.  I found that his wife was a SAHM who homeschooled his children. (we actually shared curriculum challenges and I referred him to Khan Academy). He actually attempted to get his wife on the phone to speak with me while we were talking.  He also uses Dave Ramsey Financial Peace budgeting program and is on Baby Step #2.  I felt like I was talking to my twin but my WM twin is This Daddy’s Blog and so far from being a cop that it is not funny.


I wrote a statement to be placed in the initial rude officers personnel file and the superior assured me this would be done.  Don’t worry about me believing him. I do believe him but I always have a backup plan for the police fraternity.

During our 1-1.5 hour talk session the superior explained that he would stay on the scene with us as long as possible but if he got an urgent call he would need to take it.  I told him I understood and appreciated the advance notice.  He eventually left but the young woman’s mother, who had taken her Honda to the boyfriends home, eventually showed up with the phone.  The mother did not exit the car or even look at me.  But we already know this family had some parenting issues. She handed the phone to the daughter who handed it to the bad attitude cop who walked over and gave it to me. I looked at the phone and found it to be cracked on the face.  I immediately stated, “The face is cracked.” Little Miss Momma responds, “That is how it looked when we found it.” I looked her in the face and said, “I thought you didn’t know anything about an iPhone because there was NO phone in the bag!”  I told her I will let the judge decide if she should pay for my wife’s phone to get fixed.

At this point he told me that I had the option to write a statement that would be included in the police report…but said, “It’s really not necessary since you have the phone back.”

I told him I wanted to write a report.  He gave me 2 pieces of paper and half of the first one was filled with lines for my information.  I told him that I would need a few more pages and wrote a super long statement with 75% of it not even focusing on the cell phone but on his treatment.  He then had to go back and type up my statement into the report and read all of what I felt about his actions and how I really appreciated his superior officer but that I did not trust either officer to turn in the reports given to them and I would be making a visit to Henry County to file an internal affairs complaint.

It will take time for this to get done but these are the things we must do to pay stuff forward in hopes of correcting this curve between BM and the police.

Just a few items that I would like to bring up since this ended up being a little more about the Henry County police.  The young lady was cold while waiting and the officer gave her a Henry County police jacket to wear.  I just wonder if he would have done the same for me.  I also heard that is against policy but have been unable to verify.  He can’t say it did not happen because I actually took a picture of the couple standing side by side with their police gear on when I was pulling out of the parking lot.  I will post it later.  I have my reasons but don’t worry it will be the original and not photoshopped.

Also, I felt really bad for one of the young girls (8) who started crying because she thought she was going to jail.  I have a daughter around the same age who is so sensitive and I was telling my wife it just broke my heart to see her so upset and her mom being the cause of it all.

Well, I never even laid my eyes on the boyfriend.  He never made it to the scene.  The mother ,who could not look at me, had to go pick the phone up and actually had a client in the salon that was unable to get her hair done because of all this mess.

There was something good that came out of this.  My wife and I have some friends that I wish we were closer to, and I spoke to the husband while on the way and once at the shopping center.  He let me know that I was 3 minutes from there home.  Also, when my GPS directed me, it took me a way that I did not know existed. Now I realize they are only 25 minutes from us and not the 45 it was taking me on the highway.  So we are planning a Friday night family movie night and Saturday morning Crossfit session with them.

WOW! We finally made it to the end and I want to thank all of you for hanging in there with us to get to this point.

Point to remember:

Log your phone with ICloud!!

Apple is the bomb and I guess I have to now get my wife the IPAD.  I have been running for to long but they have earned my business as a customer for life!! The frenzy is actually worth it for our family.

BTW, here is a plug for Six Flag’s lost and found department. Apparently, WF did turn in the Hello Kitty Bag, but conveniently decided to keep the phone. The bag was mailed to us yesterday.