Is college football coaching really about RIGHT or WHITE?



The big talk in college football is the BCS and what is going to happen with the changes and the playoff that is coming in the near future but I have a question.

Is college football coaching really about WINNING?

Why do I ask this?

Well, we all know that Alabama coach Nick Saban has been crushing the competition since taking the Head Coaching position over at The University of Alabama.  A university that has lots of history in college football.  Some that I won’t cover in this article that also deals with one of the best coaches in years past and his challenges with race relations.

But I believe there is a better coach than Saban and the others (at least based on records of Win & Loses) and he has flown under the radar.  This coach is now in his 4th year as a head coach and I am going to jump out there and say he may be the BEST college coach in history after completing only a portion of his first 4 years,  He currently holds a record of 42-5 and set his teams only goal this year as the National Championship.

Who is this coach, you wonder?

He is Connell Maynor, Head Coach of the DII Winston Salem State University Rams and he has been a champion his entire life. (except for when he lost to my high school in our senior year as we went on to the state championship)

He was ALL-CIAA as a Freshman QB at WSSU.  He then transferred to DI-AA North Carolina A&T and was an All-MEAC QB while eventually leading them to a conference championship.

After college, he spent a small time in the CFL before finding his niche in the Arena Football League where he played and scored from everywhere on the field during his 12 years as a player, including kicking a field goal.

He then took off to coach as an offensive coordinator, in his hometown at CIAA, Fayetteville State University, where he led them to multiple CIAA championships before they were stupid enough to allow WSSU to offer him a head coaching job.

I can say that because I went to Fayetteville State and they were not the only dummies in this chain.  North Carolina A&T is also dumb for allowing Maynor to run wild in coaching and not asking him to take over their reigns in a timely fashion, but he made them pay for it by taking his DII team to their field and spanking A&T so bad they now refuse to play WSSU.

Maynor was called into Arena Football coaching by Ron Jaworski and…….You guessed it!  The team won the Arena Bowl Championship while leading the league in scoring!! Come on now…We all know how many points they score in Arena Football.

My issue in all this is not understanding what the difference between a Historically Black College University (HBCU) and big BCS coaches?  I find it hard to believe that Connell Maynor, a Peyton Manning type student of the game, would not win if you gave him bigger, faster and stronger players.

I have watched this guy for 26 years and I promise you he is a winner.  So if you know a big school who wants to get ready for the playoffs of college football and raise MEN via a football program they need to grab Connell Maynor as their coach.

Oh yeah…

And he is currently working for 5.15million less per year than Nick Saban and has a better record in his first 4 years.

Connell Maynor has labeled himself as “The Greatest Athlete EVER!” (google the video) and this may be a debate since he did play baseball as well, is a scratch golfer, has bowled 2 perfect bowling games and regularly would blow by an ex-NBA player we went to school with, but what is not debatable is that Connell Maynor is “The Greatest Head Coach in the History of College Football after almost 4 years” and if college football was not about WHITE but being RIGHT someone would step up and give this guy a BiG COLLEGE FOOTBALL GIG.

If you disagree and would like to present your case……You know how to find me.



4 Questions to a Perfect Marriage!!


Symbol man woman question exclamation mark ask answer


1. What are 3 things your spouse would love to do as a married couple?  Have you made efforts to see that those things happen without them having to ask?

2. What are 3 things your spouse would love to do by themselves or with their friends? Have you made an effort to schedule/surprise them by scheduling those times?

3. Have you sent your spouse a thank you card or shown (not told) gratitude towards them for what they bring to the marriage/relationship? (And this needs to be done without expecting anything to be said to you in return about how freaking great you are)

4. Is your marriage intimate enough for the both of you and if not, would scheduling intimacy time rectify this challenge? (Remember: Better Scheduled than Not to happen at all)

As we all know, marriage takes work!  Remember the rough times come when we stop focusing on what we can do to better the marriage and begin focusing on the areas our spouse may be lacking.


And begin to prop your spouse up and show them gratitude and begin or continue to pass the test on the way to a Perfect Marriage.

I Love You for Stopping!


Yoga has changed my life!!!


1259691923-hatha-yogaSo I have been going to a spin class every Monday morning for the last 4-5 weeks and I really enjoy the instructor.

The class is awesome and that is not a surprise because the gym is the number one gym in Washington, DC and has been forever. has several champion and Olympic medalist instructors and the spin class has got to be good to be full at 5:30am, but what really makes this class special is that it has a 2nd half Yoga component.

A component that I have been missing for about the last several weeks because I have been opting to run the 2 miles home in an effort to get ready for work.

When the reality is I could stay and still make it home in time for work.

So my wife challenged me to try the 2nd half of the Revolution Class (1st half is Revolution Cycle) and I am hooked.

I will not say that I had every move down but I will say that I felt welcomed, enjoyed it, was challenged and it started my week off with GREAT ENERGY!

I have always told people that everyone needs a meditation exercise….

Now I get a chance to follow my own advice and reap the benefits physically and mentally.

I challenge you to join me.



$100 is too much to play high school football!!




In Fairfax County, Virginia the school system is contemplating charging kids $100 to play scholastic sports and it is causing…


MY RESPONSE:  Is there also a frenzy about IPHONES and JORDANS? (something every single one of these kids has already)


What are your thoughts?  Am I tripping? Because it cost $700 to play pop warner in some states!

The Undefeated Grambling State University Tigers!!!



Congratulations to the players from Grambling State University!

As a team, they refused to board the bus…

A bus they had boarded for (2) 15 hour trips already this football season and were forced to play games on little or no rest.

A bus they have had to board after working out in a weight room that has a broken tile floor and a stench from needing to be deep cleaned.

Congratulations on them coming together as a team and selecting a team spokesperson who they allow to speak to the media on behalf of the team.

Congratulations to the Tigers for reaching out to Ex-NFL, Superbowl Great, Doug Williams(their coach until fired after week 2 of this season for violating university policy by allowing someone to buy the team a NEW weight room floor) (which the schools administration has locked away in a closet)

This became a total mess and tug-o-war between the administration and football coaches….

You know just like the President and GOP.

And don’t get it twisted…

The game they forfeited was going to be Homecoming at Jackson State.

And those of you who know about HBCU homecomings know it could cause an alumni frenzy…or a weeklong tailgate!!

I mean…Most go back to see the band and not the team…Hmmm So I wonder how that whole thing went down??!!!

Well,  I am a product of an HBCU (Fayetteville State University) and Div. I football (Go Pirates…ECU) and have been a part of the politics of college football.

So to those of you who don’t understand….I say Congrats to the Grambling State Tigers and I believe that though they have no wins this year on the field…




Movie Review: I saw a MUST SEE MOVIE and you should too!”



I was lucky enough to get a pair of screening tickets to a movie BEFORE it hit theaters.  The good thing is it is currently out and now you don’t have to wait.

I mean it is GOOD!

I would say it deals with most the issues in the world today.

Single Mother issues

Sexual Abuse/Molestation

Drug addictions

A Father you never hear mentioned the entire movie.

Young Black Men vs. School Testing scores.

Young Black Men with artistic abilities who do not get a chance to pursue their dreams because no one is listening.

How a Young Black Man can be ignored.

How a Young Black Men get treated differently.

How a Small Young Korean Man is welcomed everywhere.

Why we should teach our children to say, “Yes, SIr and Maam and No Sir and Maam.

And…Life in the City.

I saw how this young man was made to feel some of what I am still getting thrown at me in my 40’s.  Please do not allow this movie opportunity to pass you by.

It is a wonderful movie for Parents, Educators, and All Races and is sure to spark several very valuable SOCIAL CONVERSATIONS.

Go see The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete so we can discuss how you feel about the movie.


Have you seen the movie?  If so, what are your thoughts?

“Do The Math!”




Tonight our family improved forever and my position as homeschooling principal has just been expanded to……………………………………………………………………………… Math Teacher.

Not quite the promotion I was looking for…

But I will take it.

(even if it does carry the same pay as my previous position…..NOTHING FINANCIAL)

But the reward will come….RIGHT!

So one of my daughters is having some difficulty with self-control.  She thinks her issue is math but it is actually self-control.  And I have come to the realization that where I can help out is in the Math department.

So I have taken all math responsibilities in the house. ODC is now officially the head of the math empire and proud of it.

Until I got the tears from two of them tonight while at the table, I was good.

Oh don’t worry, I can ignore handle it.

So here is the deal.  I am copying the Math Workbook and am going to do each lesson daily just like I’m requiring of them.

The only difference is I will be doing my lessons during my breaks at work.

What breaks?

The ANSWER: The ones I am going to make a priority from now on.  They will be used to complete the same worksheets i give to my oldest daughters so she can call me on my lunch break with any question that she has pertaining to math and allow my wife to get back to mastering the other stuff that was being held up by daily Math crying fits/breaks.

It will pay off.

And at the end of the day……

My wife will say I’m a sexy Math Teacher! (Even if I’m not….She will say it anyway)

The Question is what can you make time for during the day that will give you a closer relationship with your family? Is it worth it?

Thanks for stopping by,