Bad/Good Customer Service Series…


Paying with Debit Card


Well here goes…

I have always wanted to do this and today is the day.  My wife and I have talked about starting a site where everyone can share their customer service stories and keep it ALL THE WAY REAL!!!

REAL because no one is financially sponsoring this blog but God and HE loves good customer service too.

So feel free to share your stories here and let the entire world know who has great customer service/horrible customer service and let’s show merchants the power of #sociamedia.

So I just moved to Washington DC and THIS is my biggest issue with DC and has already happened twice this week.

I am a big pay cash guy but I have gotten caught with my cash down and needed to use my debit card for purchases under $5 and the cashier told me the minimum purchase was $5 and I said, “Does Visa know you are telling people that?”

I just walked out.

You either want my form of payment or you don’t want my business.  I am not buying more of what I don’t need because you don’t want to pay Visa.  (You signed a contract saying you will take their cards…)

Once I was filling up my suburban at the same time the cashier was telling me this mess.  I immediately ran to the truck and stopped the pump and will NEVER, EVER go back.

Then there was the carry out place that told me they were only taking cash at the present time but had an ATM machine that only charged $2.50.

“Are you CRAZY?”

If every single person who ran into this mess walked out people would stop trying this.  So hopefully enough people will read this and will stop or I will just keep walking out…or not know it happens by keeping cash on me.

Well…that ain’t happening.




Blog Post by Logan (G2)/Why did we move from DC just to move back? (A daughter speaks her mind)


Hello World,

My name is Logan (I think my parent’s call me G2 here) and I am 9 but will be 10 in November (I’m a BIG Birthday person…in case you wanted to know) and I am Michael Covin’s daughter.

You may know him as ODC, which is short for Offdachain…which is exactly what he is…but you probably knew that already.

When he told me that he got the job and that we were moving to Washington, DC I burst into tears and was very sad.

I started to question my mom, Dawn Covin, or ODB (I think that’s what you guys call her) why we just didn’t stay there (because we lived there before)  She said, “We had to help our church move to Georgia and my dad found a job and we found a nice house so we just stayed there.”

Long story short (ODC jump in moment: I wonder who she has been listening to on the phone?)…Back to post—-Long, story short I turned 4, then 7 since moving to Georgia and have made over 30 friends and was really going to miss all of them.

I started my acting career in Georgia by shooting a commercial for Stone Mountain Park’s Geyser Tower Attraction….If you go to Youtube and search “Splish It, Splash It” Stone Mountain Park you should see me. {That’s me at 25 seconds in the pink shirt and pig tails…CHEESE} 🙂

Then I was a part of a play at the Horizon Theatre called Madeline’s Christmas and I just knew we lived in the perfect place for me.

Well guess what?  My family was cast in a commercial for SKYPE and we left for DC!!! We got to do a whole bunch of acting.  So much I was tired of my dad saying, “Let’s GO! You guys are working!  Let’s do it again.”

But then after a week we stopped and it ended.

We found a nice house in the SouthEast and we found a homeschool group and I’m now working on making friends there and I REALLY, REALLY like my tutor, Mrs. Pie.




TSO (THE SWEET ONE)…it was all I could think of…and it’s true

What does a Husband with 4 daughters do on Saturday?


Four Ballerinas

People Exercising at a Gymnasium


Well, if I am smart every single one of my days will start with a morning workout with my wife. She is a HUGE workout person and prefers mornings 3,000% better than any other time of the day. We actually were able to get back to the gym we left 7 years ago where both of us were fitness instructors. is hands down the best gym in Washington, DC and the best gym I have ever been an instructor or any part of…..needless to say when I walked in with my champion WIFE we received a heroes welcome.

Me, only because I was with her!

The workouts were of course awesome and pushed us to the max.

We left the gym and had to divide and conquer.(Parenting phrase used by those parents with multiple children)

She took 3 girls with her and I took the big girl with me.(Sounded like a Great Deal to me too)

The 7 year old, who turns 8 next week, and the 9 year old, who turns 10 in November, went to their first week of FREE ice-skating lessons. The 3 year old tagged along with them but I am sure in the coming weeks that will be renegotiated.

The 12 year old and myself went to a morning Jazz class…well not me but she did and then she went to a ballet class with The Washington Ballet Teen 2 group, where she is the youngest person in the class and then landed in an unexpected Masters Class taught by an instructor from the Alvin Ailey company.

This extended an already long dance day an extra 2 hours….


Was I supposed to tell her NO?

So, my wife and the 3 met us at dance after their skating classes and we all took off to pick up lunch and bring something back for the big girl and then head home for a 30 minute break before I needed to drop my wife off to get her hair done.

This is when I ask my wife if the nanny is coming by to help me….Knowing we don’t have one.

And I look up and it is only 3pm.

Note to Singles: Get your rest.


Where in the world is ODC & ODB?



If you have been wondering where we have been you are not alone.

 Someone said they knew my wife was in town but no one had seen her…Kinda like Jason Bourne!

Don’t worry I have been keeping notes in my journal and Man this blog will be SLAMMED with post from today until the end of the year with UNBELIEVABLE stories from “The Little House on the Block”

I will give you two BIG ones to cut your teeth on, but you have to wait for the blog post to get the specifics.

1. We have relocated from the Atlanta area to The District of Columbia…(Proper)

2. The entire family was cast and shot a commercial/documentary for Skype, which was purchased by Microsoft over the period of a week.  

So you will all get to meet us on a more intimate level very soon.

……And I am telling you.

The last 3 months in our home has been so exciting that all my daughters will actually share their first blog post within the next 2 weeks.

God is AWESOME!!

Stay tuned!!!


Dear Wife, Just in case you thought I forgot…



With Mother’s Day just passing the thought came over me, I wonder if OTB really knows how much she means to me as a wife. I am sure if just based off my actions…she doesn’t. So I have decided to recommit myself to showing her. The smartphone is a wonderful tool and it has the ability to schedule recurring reminders that tell me to send my wife a creative note that will make her smile or just feel appreciated.

Maybe one day I will send one at JUST THE RIGHT TIME…

To save one of my daughters from get THAT LOOK! Or turn her day around…Just When She Needs It!

Great…That is what I will do. I will make the effort to find creative ways to express to my wife 3-5 times a day how much she means to me and our family. That there is no way possible this ship would float without her steering it away from the rocks when I am not paying attention.

As a husband I really need my wife and I believe that she needs to hear how sometimes her greatness is taken for granted…

It only happens because you have been great for so long. We only met the summer before high school…I’m Sayin!

So this is a small note to say that just in case you thought I forgot….

I didn’t.

I didn’t forget all those times when you held me up via a long distance phone call…(without touching me)

I didn’t forget how all those times I was having a rough day all I needed to do was hear your voice.

I didn’t forget how you supported me when no one else did…not even my family.

Because you knew and you trusted Him to keep His word.

And He did and you did and your obedience will be forever rewarded.

So thanks and I love you! And I will continue to tell you all day, every day.

Just in case you thought I forgot.


My Lead Daughter Makes Homeschooling History! #42



My 12 year old has kept me up all night but believe it or not there is good and bad to the story. The bad part is I am loosing sleep and have to do this commute in the morning. The good part is I can not stop thinking about how proud I am that she is celebrating her 12th Birthday by MAKING HISTORY and I can’t stop crying!!!
My daughter has achieved something that only I could dream of doing. She has received a Mega-Memory Master Medal with Classical Conversations Homeschooling Group. In order to earn this prestigous honor a student has to be able to recite the answer to every question from every subject for 3 cycles of the educational curriculum. Translation: 3 years worth of work at one time…OFF THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD!

And the hard part for me is just remembering the subjects. Let’s see if I can do it. OK. Geography, History Timeline, Math, Science, English Grammar and oh noooo…Latin (whew) I think I remembered them all, but I am sure if I did not my wife will be posting to let me know.

So this is why my leading daughter (I like that better than oldest) deserves to receive a super special SHOUT OUT on this May 7th as we celebrate her turning 12 but also doing something that only 1 person in History had done before this year and with her Medal she becomes the 1st Brown Mega-Memory Master Medalist! She also has been an example to her sister, Logan, who successfully completed her 2nd year as a Memory Master and I am sure will be chasing her record next year.

Go Christian or as I now call her: “Jackie Robinson”

Your wonderful mother (who is steering this history making homeschooling ship) are Sooo proud of you for placing a goal in front of you and smashing it!

Happy 12th and Happy 1st!!


The Huge Family At The Next Table!


Family Praying Before Dinner

Just sitting in a restaurant and a family walks in with a rack of kids. One screams, “I gotta go to the potty!” and I mean…IT WAS LOUD and another one yells, “Where’s mommy?” I’m looking around and was wondering the same thing. The dad is by himself now because mommy quietly slipped by and pulled just one child off to the restroom. I’m thinking to myself that maybe she forgot a few, but anyway…I need to mind my own business. The dad is now by himself and navigating the 3 kids pretty well.

I’m thinking…WAIT! Only I am capable of such craftiness with a HUGE family!

Well, 4 kids has gotta be a huge family because I have 4 and I hear that all the time when I go places. The only difference is this family has a boy and judging by the layout of the sizes he seems to have made his way into 2nd position. And that would have been a perfect place to stop. You know the routine. You get one boy and one girl and you start screaming, “We are DONE!” “What else is there to do!”

Little did this family know. If they had stopped I may have never noticed them. I mean a family with only 2 kids is so small they would have slipped under my radar.

And here comes the mom…1 child in tow. She has a seat on the end corner of the table. She is a bit distant. Not mean just seems to kinda be in rest mode. Dad is taking all the hits right now. I mean he is getting shouts from the front both sides and the back. It’s kinda beginning to look familiar.

Hmmm. Large Family (check) Engaged Dad (check) Mom looking like she has past the daily torch over to the Dad and then I saw it!

The give away. The pink ribbon. The same pink princess ribbon that my daughters wear on their birthday. But I continued to just stalk them out from the next table. And this dad was really trying to become my competition. Super engaging now…STILL! He was even welcoming to more questions and they were still coming from all around. I thought to myself.

Could it be?

So I thought to myself. SELF. What would Paula & Sarah want me to do?

So I did it!

I walked over and said, “You guys are doing such a great job with your HUGE family.” “You have such great kids.” “I also have 4 children, but they are all girls.” (insert small talk) (Just put that in b/c I really don’t remember this part) Then I POPPED THE QUESTION, but not down on one knee.

“Are your children in school?”

Their Response: “We are actually homeschoolers.” I said, “YES!”

What curriculum do you guys use?

Their Response: “Classical Conversations”

I said, “I KNEW IT” (almost as loud as the kids)

I am so proud of you guys and I got a card from the wife with the entire family listed on it that was really cute. I actually wrote the daughter Lucy’s name on the back to remember and that the wife’s father was a realtor…but then I left the card on the table.

UGH! I can find them though because they are in the Lake Ridge, Virginia Classical Conversations Homeshool community.

I love my CC family and I’m telling you we really do look different. I’m telling you what this community is doing with our families is working.