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Welcome to 2012!!!


Hello Family!!

We are working on our new schedule and format for the new year.  Our goal is to begin posting this week and give you 3-5 new post each week!! Be on the lookout for more on marriage, family, parenting, love, dating, education, breastfeeding, healthing eating, fitness, running half=marathons, lifting weights, confronting crazy family members and more!!


P.S. We will also post schedule times weekly where we will be live on here ,Facebook and Twitter to discuss any direct questions you have for us both.  2012 is the year of new and higher direction. 

Feel free to send any question or subjects you would like discussed and HOLD ON!!


Love It or Hate It…


I am one of those guys who follows politics but it is because I spent a few years in DC and needed to know what all the fuss was about. I found myself in a few house parties/meetups and was surrounded by a party of people who thought I did not have a clue….but they would quickly find out  otherwise.  After moving from DC to ATL exactly 5 years ago I have now traded my politicians hat in for a fedora.(at least in my mind…still looking for one to fit this HEAD)

But this recent love HATE for our President of these Ununited States of America is the biggest showing of racism I have ever experienced.  Again, I have followed politics for a good while and have never seen this type of blatant disrespect for authority.

And the sad part most disturbing for me is most of the people who are slinging the negative comments are Christians and should be practicing submitting to authority or at least respecting it. I mean it is only the most world impacting position in the FREE WORLD.

I was on Yahoo sports reading an article about former Chicago Bear, Dan Hampton, who was refusing a trip to the White House because he does not like the current President and it turned into a racial back and forth with hundreds of comments about how horrible a job President Obama is currently doing.

I was thinking…am I still on the sports page!!! Ridiculous

Well 2012 can not get here fast enough for me and LOVE IT OR HATE IT….


So get your mind right!