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Shaun T vs Sagdrina J





I recently had an argument “heated fellowship” with ODC about how selfish I am when it comes to my workouts. Many of his points were valid, and I really do want to be a great wife, but fitness is MY THING!! I research, I plan, and I execute. I never wake up and ‘wonder’ what I am going to do in the gym on any given day. I only bring up our…discussion, to highlight the fact that fitness is MY THING! So, why after 16+ years of ‘My Thing’ was I feeling like I have been running on a hamster wheel! Enter Insanity!

You know those informercials, the ones for Insanity. I love a challenge and looking at the results of the participants was enough to spark my curiosity to see what it would do for me. I faithfully followed the 60 day program (I did have to do a few make-up workouts during our move from Georgia to DC) and I would say that my results were decent. I didn’t really depend on the scale for feedback (too emotionally connected to the numbers) but I could tell that I did lose some weight and did experience gains in my cardiovascular abilities. There was still something missing. There is no way that I could do Insanity AND teach Spinning but still not have the lean, athletic, physique I was trying to achieve. In all fairness to the effectiveness of Insanity, I did not follow any particular eating plan. I mean, I didn’t eat crazy, but let’s just say that my eating was not as disciplined as my workouts.

I am always looking for my ‘Next Big Workout’ but when Sagdrina J offered a 8 week Fall Fitness Challenge I realized it was time that I refocus some of my energy on where I would get the most impact; how I ate. In a very well designed format, with the help of Sagdrina and her team of experts, I had an individualized plan with the added benefit of a group component. Using a very gradual and manageable design, over the span of 8 weeks, I was able to remove from my diet all beverages except for water, fast foods, processed foods, white stuff, and at one point grains (for a limited time period). More importantly, I added daily green smoothies, kale, beets, squash, cabbage, parsnips (these were very good!) to my repertoire. I do not necessarily enjoy cooking, but the challenge inspired me to try a few new recipes, like butternut squash soup and a cabbage and chirozo soup (even G1 liked it!). The 8 weeks also helped me to uncover some of my emotional attachments to some of my food choices and I made an intentional decision to decrease processed foods for my entire household and focus on whole foods. The challenge also provided specific guidance and support in terms of exercise, I actually added Yoga to my workouts (big accomplishment for a recovering ‘Cardio Snob’.)

I completed the challenge and I consider it as a ‘jump start’ to a lifetime of more conscious, mindful, and healthy eating. Sagdrina referred to the ‘sweet spot’ as the place where you can workout out and eat healthy without being super restrictive and still reach your fitness goals. I am still uncovering my ‘sweet spot’ while using what I learned in the challenge as my foundation and building on it. Sagdrina is a huge advocate for heavy lifting for women, and I have started to challenge myself with heavier weights during my strength training (3-4 days per week). Even as a fitness professional, my experience with Sagdrina J was what delivered the most impact to my approach to fitness. Those calories I burned with Insanity are long gone, but the Sagdrina J methodology is still providing sustainable benefits. My problem area (my tummy) is noticeably more toned and my legs no longer have a layer of cellulite on my hamstrings (YAY!!!).

Now it’s your turn! Start the New Year with a 21 Day Detox at an unbelievably low price! Register today for the Early Bird Special discount! I am a huge fan of Sagdrina and what she brings to the table in terms of nutrition and exercise education. I will be detoxing too, so let’s start 2014 clean, from the inside out. I will be posting each week during the 21 days, so let’s support one another!

Here’s to a Healthy, Happy, and Clean Eating 2014!



7 Things I do to INSTANTLY become SEXY to my wife!!!


There is such a divide between men/women and how we think and what we look for from each other. And my marriage is no different from most out there when it comes to a tired stay at home(homeschooling 3 different grade levels) mom/wife and a workaholic husband/father. What I have realized is how to make myself SEXY to my wife…

And I am going to share what I have found out and hope that you can take my list and maybe compare it to some areas in your marriage to possibly trigger some answers for you to stay sexy to your spouse.

Disclaimer: I met my wife more than 25 years ago and just got to this point last week. So if it takes time that is okay. Keep finding blogs like this one and you will be fine. OK Here goes…

The 7 things I can do to INSTANTLY become sexy to my wife!!!

1. Give my kids a bath- I am not sure why but this is a winner…everytime. While living in DC I thought this worked because it meant I was home by a certain hour but it is just the bathing that gets her. Tonight I actually gave my 16 month old daughter a bath. This happened while I was lying next to the tub with my big boot from my torn achilles tendon. No excuses! And I even threw in a shampoo of her hair for a tip. Extra Sexy is always good!

2. Change a poopy diaper- Now I know my buddy www.thisdaddysblog.com hates doing this and talks about how gross it is all day long, but it is gross for her too. So I just focus on how sexy I am going to look to my wife when I am done.

3. My wife is not a flower/candy person so the number 3 thing I have discovered as a sure winner for King Sexy in my house is allowing my wife a trip to the gym with a 4 hour nap when she returns home. Yes, this works every time. And if I take the girls to SixFlags and everyone is sleep when we get home. I can promise you…(well…this is an clean show…as long as the computer is open it is)

4. Another discovery of mine that automatically throws me in the Denzel category is cleaning the entire house when my wife thinks I don’t have time. If she leaves me home with the girls and I bribe them to let me clean and she is super surprised when I have done everything she was going to do upon her return. Now she just so happens to have so extra time on her hands…What’s a girl to do?

5. The fifth thing positive action that will transform me into the sexy husband I was when we got married is noticing the upgrades. If I notice her eyebrow threading, or pedicure….BAM!!

6. The next to last item on the red carpet to sexy list is noticing everything she does for the house to run smoothly. Notice how I would not trade job with her and how a stay at home mom (especially a homeschooling one) has the hardest job on the planet. I went through a period where I did not understand this. I thought well if your not working…then I realized. Well, not by design. I got left for a week with the kids when my wife was out of town. And on her last night she got stuck in DC because it was raining. I was nicely telling my wife to FIND A FLIGHT HOME! I will never forget that week and how bad I wanted her to come home.

7. This one will be in the book, but I think you have enough of my list to make your own. Just read her mind. If you have been married for longer than 30 minutes she will expect you to and if you have known her for longer than an hour ….you should be able to…so she thinks. Hey! That’s why I married someone I met at 15…I knew a little bit.

I hope my list helps you guys to create your own. Remember what works for your buddies wife may not work for yours…but the fun part is doing your homework(key word) and STRIKING!! And when you strike…You will know it.

Thanks for stopping,