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Can I Get An Encore




“What you want me to do…I’m sorry, I’m back.” Jay-Z

More details coming next week ūüôā¬†



Where in the world is ODC & ODB?



If you have been wondering where we have been you are not alone.

¬†Someone said they knew my wife was in town but no one had seen her…Kinda like Jason Bourne!

Don’t worry I have been keeping notes in my journal and Man this blog will be SLAMMED with post from today until the end of the year with UNBELIEVABLE stories from “The Little House on the Block”

I will give you two BIG ones to cut your teeth on, but you have to wait for the blog post to get the specifics.

1. We have relocated from the Atlanta area to The District of Columbia…(Proper)

2. The entire family was cast and shot a commercial/documentary for Skype, which was purchased by Microsoft over the period of a week.  

So you will all get to meet us on a more intimate level very soon.

……And I am telling you.

The last 3 months in our home has been so exciting that all my daughters will actually share their first blog post within the next 2 weeks.

God is AWESOME!!

Stay tuned!!!


Give your kids a week off!!!


My oldest daughter cleans the kitchen and I am not happy with the job she does. ¬†We make homemade popcorn and she has a habit of leaving the pot unwashed. She sweeps and it doesn’t look like it. ¬†She doesn’t take the time to move every single item on the counter top and wipe underneath. I mean we have two bread makers a juicer and a mixer and they never get moved. ¬†She likes to use the dishwasher when there are not enough dishes to even start the thing. ¬†So with all of this, I have decided to give her the week off.


I can do it better, but I also realized that maybe I have never really demonstrated what I mean by clean the kitchen.  Maybe I have just been barking orders and they mean nothing to a young lady who just turned 11.  I mean I have been spitting orders her way for about 4 years but I am not sure if I ever took the time to SHOW HER WHAT IT MEANS TO CLEAN THE KITCHEN.

So this week she is off duty and I am on duty.  I have her come by and check out my work and see why the chairs should be put up when you want to sweep.  She does hate when I call her and have her do inspections with me but she will know what I need from her and no yelling will be necessary.  If the kitchen does not sparkle after this week she will receive consequences and I will be sure the message was clear and I delivered.

So I hope she is enjoying her week off…

Thanks for stopping!


We love Homeschooling conferences that take our WHOLE SATURDAY!!!


If you read that title there are a couple of things I know.  1.  You know how to find our blog. 2. You know me well enough to know I did not mean what I said in the title.

We do homeschool and we are SUPER HAPPY with the results of our children’s education but just like every other parent in America…WE like having our Saturdays to ourselves. ¬†Especially this one where I am coming off ¬†a surgery on my achilles just two days ago. (visit http://www.everythingmanradio.com blog to follow the comeback journey)

But all I can hear and see is the article Sarah sent me and I blogged on titled “The Easy or the Hard.” ¬†How we as humans are drawn to what is easy and not what is hard but one always yields the BEST benefits. ¬†People have to understand that homeschooling is NOT EASY!! We sometimes as homeschoolers may present it like it is….I think we just want to piss others off, but it AIN’T!

So this Saturday my wife and I will be in a Homeschooling Training so my 10 year old and 7 year old can write like college students and get into the university of their choice for FREE. ¬†My 10 y.o. has already been in this class for a couple of years and her writing is almost better than mine. ¬†My wife says she doesn’t have as many typos..:) ¬†and so she is already better. ¬†I disagree. ¬†She has more typos.

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much fun you will be missing out on this wonderful Saturday morning. ¬† And don’t worry about me…I will make up the time after they move out.

If I can get these legs to work right….

Thanks for stopping and enjoy your Saturday!