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The missing relationship in “Think Like a Man”


Congratulations to “Think Like a Man” for taking over the box office for several weeks and allowing us to all laugh at the movie which many said actually passed the King of Comedy crown to actor and  narrator, Kevin Hart. It was impossible to depart from the movie and not know that he carried the production from the first scene till the conclusion.   It is always great to be able to laugh at our relationships and still grow from our mistakes.

The character played by Kevin Hart was just one of the relationships highlighted during the relationship movie that was to give legs to the New York Best Selling Book by Steve Harvey (written by D. Millner of www.mybrownbaby.com)

It took a few weeks for my wife and I to find time to enjoy the feature and it was much different from what I expected of the film following the blockbuster book.  Once able to view the film and the different depictions of relationships I immediately noticed what was missing.

With all the different flavors of men in the book there was only one from the film that was NOT FEATURED!

The only relationship that was not allowed any depth was the man who helped out in the home, who supported his family, who checked in regularly and who was not afraid to speak positively  about his relationship around the guys. And some may notice that this role was given to a white actor. Hmmmm.

His reward in the film:  We never see his woman or get a chance to hear or feel the most positive relationship in the featured film.  In my opinion, this was the major loss in “Think Like A Man” and was THE MISSING LINK RELATIONSHIP.