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Celebrating 1 year in DC!!



It just seemed like yesterday.  However, it was March 2013 and I was boarding an airplane, on my way to Washington, DC and leaving my family behind.  I knew I had a new career ahead but did not even know when I would be able to bring my family to the area that I now alone was going to call HOME.

I’m not ashamed to admit how relieving it was to see the seat next to me on the plane remain empty.  The flight time was used entirely for crying.  Not all in a bad way because the feeling that God had heard me and answered with exactly my request for employment was an awesome feeling.

The next time I will not only pray for a new career opportunity back in Washington, DC but also the financial ability to take my family with me. (sometimes we are in such a rush to eat after we finish praying that we forget such small details)

Again, I want to thank the family willing to not only take me in as a homeless person (new age homeless) and provide me with a car to drive as well.  (I pray that they reap 50 fold) But this was the hardest time of my life.

Today, I am able to report that my first position ended with my department being closed down.  This closing found me as the only person in the department to be kept by the management team.  This closing also allowed me to spend several months learning many new skills that have enhanced my resume and Linkedin profile.  During this time, I was also able to somehow impress upon the government agency and the managerial staff that there existed some abilities to bring employees together for a positive outcome and these landed me an appointment as the lead for a division retreat in addition to the lead of the communications committee for the entire agency retreat….AT THE SAME TIME!


Thanks again God for canceling the smaller retreat….but only after I had done most of the leg work and obtained the experience that only helped to prepare me for the BIG GAME DAY.

While we are currently in the midst of the agency wide retreat and leading over 500 government employees on a COALESCE MISSION that is set to last from March until August of this year and are creating an atmosphere of bonding and relationships that will elevate this agency to heights it has not seen in some time.

Oh, I forgot one small detail.  Exactly 1 month ago today I was promoted into my third position in only this first year.

This last year has been pretty productive and the tears today are because of my gratefulness that I now have my family in DC to enjoy every minute.

But my kids are SO LOUD. (how did my wife do it all by herself?????  Thanks Dear!!!  You get weekends off for the next two years!!



I am raising my daughters to be SAHM’s…with NO APOLOGY!


I have a radio show that airs on Monday mornings from 6-7am on blogtalk radio.  You can also get there via the website http://www.everythingmanradio.com  if you are not a subscriber to that blog you may want to stop by and signup.  Most of the controversy I have been causing lately has been on that blog but i thought I would stop by and hit you with more of what make sense that you will probably not like me for at the end of the day.  

So on the radio show last week, the host of the show asked the question. What are you raising your children to become when they grow up?  

To which I replied, I am raising my daughters to be SAHM’s! The biggest problem with our society is we are not grooming our women to be women and not grooming our men to be providers we need to OWN OUR CHOICES!

I am not sure how everyone felt about it because it was early and everyone who called in did not get a chance to speak…so SPEAK!


Thanks for stopping by,